dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Birthday card and IHSW

Hi everyone,

Last week I received a birthday card from Nicole.
It had some trouble getting here, but at last it found its way to my house.
Thank you, Nicole!

Take a look at my floss toss, so pretty! 

Last weekend was also IHSW. But that didn't really go as planned, so not much stitching done.
I did stitch another cat or two:

And picked up my Dimensions. It's getting close to finishing!
(If you look closely, you can see I already used some floss I got for my birthday! It's the variegated one)

I am really happy with it, except for the yellow. 
I was really looking forward to doing the french knots(I love 'em!),
but I don't know, not really happy with it.
I think I might frog it and use another color yellow.A bit brighter.

I have also been knitting. I find it easier on the eyes (who have been bothering me lately).
I finished a shawl for a friend who is just mad about skulls. When I saw this pattern I knew I had to make it for her. I hope she will like it.

I also made a shrug for my mother.

And last but not least.
I will pick up Chatelaine's Herbularius again!
You might have already noticed the Stitching Bandits badge on the side bar.
Joyce from Random Ramblings organised it for us weenies who need a little encouragement to finish (or stitch on) our Chatelaines. :p

Other than that, my mind is just overflowing with creative ideas. 
But nothing is coming out of my hands. 
I don't know if it is the will to finish some(read most) of my WIP's 
or my complete lack of energy
or maybe even the amount of ideas that is keeping me from doing anything
but it is not nice.

So, tips anyone?
How do I get those ideas out of my head and into action?

Happy stitching!

4 opmerkingen:

Cole zei

What yummy flosses, I can't wait!

Your knitting and stitching are gorgeous, great work!

Cath zei

Great stitching. Glad Nicoles' card finally made it to you .
Start by writing everything down and then try and list in the order you want to do things. It sometimes helps x

Kate zei

they're all so beautiful and I love the cats, adorable!

The Crafty Princess zei

Wow all your projects look amazing. I love the cats they are charming and your Chatelaine is gorgeous. I admire these charts but have yet to muster the courage to tackle one.
Alicia xo