maandag 5 november 2012

Back again!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while. 
I haven't stitched a lot the past months, but now I am starting again.
(stitch pic at the end)

How I lost my mojo? 
Something ate it.

It's hairy and has big teeth....

No, no monster, 

Let me introduce Baxter:
at 6 months
The world's worst puppy.
Don't be fooled by his handsome looks.
Off course, every puppy is a handfull, but Baxter goes to the extreme in everything.
Extremely happy, extremely fearfull, extremely chewy, extremely loud, extremely annoying.

Baxter knows what he wants.
For starters, your attention. 24-7
If he doesn't get it, he will scream.
Really. Not just bark, scream.
And believe me, it will hurt.

He also likes to dig.
Preferably in the spot you just tidied up.

He is selectively deaf.
He prefers not to hear us, listening to your people is for losers.
However the tiniest sound of the cookie jar does not elude him.

He does not want to come near you, always stays at least an arm's length away.

His biggest hobby is eating stuff.
Food, toys, furniture, rugs, plastic, rubber, my mojo, shoes, grass, plants, dead fish, and his favorite: poo. No distinction made between dog's, cat's, goose, duck and yes, human.

And besides all of this, he is extremely fearfull as soon as he leaves the house. 
He's afraid of everything. The grass, the wind, the rain, the dark, people, kids, every sound he hears, everything that moves, any unusual object.
Especially with other dogs. If they come close, he will panic and snap at them.
And yes, he did come from a respectable breeder.

Now he is 8 months old. And with a lot of love and patience his fearfulness is gone. 
(We are still working on his dog issue though.)
He has realised that listening to your people is actually a smart thing (most of the time).
He has also learned that screaming will get you nowhere, that not everything is edible or at least, not appreciated when chewed on, that a streched out arm or hand means something nice is about to happen like a cuddle or a treat or a game, that being alone is temporary and ok, that being outside is actually very nice, and even that all dogs do not come to eat you, but that you can also play with some of them.
He has come a long way and we are so proud of him.

And now we have a smart, funny, energetic, self-confident, happy and sweet doggie! 
And cute too!

And I have time again to stitch and blog. :-)
So, I picked up Berry Branches. I am working on the second page:
stitched on 18 cnt aida, 2 over 1
I don't mind stitching all the black, it's easy stitching.
 I wanted her hair to be really black so I choose to stitch with two threads on 18 count aida in stead of my usual 20 count. I really like the result.

And Creativity is finished!
HAED QS Creativity, stitched on 25 cnt evenweave, 1 over 1

Sorry the pic is sideways, I don't know why that is and I can't get it upright.

And now I'm off to read your blogs.

Happy stitching!

6 opmerkingen:

Ineke zei

Baxter is very adorable. Amazing what you can change with a lot of love and patience.

Michelle zei

So good to see you blogging again!

Baxter is absolutely adorable and the two 'buddies' are just beautiful together! Glad to hear Baxter is improving, as he grows into adulthood things will get even better.

Your stitching looks great, congratulations on the big finish!

Terri zei

Baxter is beautiful! I love dogs! And Skipper is adorable too! I'm glad they are getting along and that Baxter is starting to behave! :-)

Looking forward to hearing more of Baxter's antics :-)

sharine zei

Your dogs are beautiful. Congratulations on your finish and berry branches is looking great:)

The Crafty Princess zei

Oh Baxter looks so adorable. I'm glad he is more manageable and loving now though. Yay for completing a HAED chart. Well done it looks great! Berry branches is coming along really nicely too. Welcome back to the blogging world.


Caitlin Jordan zei

Gorgeous stitching and such a wonderful finish :D