dinsdag 24 januari 2012

IHSW January

Hi everyone,
I really had to squeeze in some stitching time this weekend. 
But this is the result from the IHSW
Here's before:

And after:

Not a lot of difference, but still some progress.
I already feel like I am finishing this one! :)
She still needs a lot of attention, but since I am stitching across all the pages left, I can say I am working on the last pages! hahaha
But I guess the end is really not that far away and I am looking forward to finishing her.

Hallo allemaal!
Dit zijn de foto's van afgelopen IHSW
Moest er echt wat borduurtijd tussenwurmen dit weekend.
Maar het is gelukt, hoewel je niet echt veel verschil ziet.
Het voelt al alsof ze bijna klaar is! Er gaat nog wel veel tijd in zitten, maar aangezien ik nu alle pagina's tegelijk aan het borduren ben, kan ik toch zeggen dat ik aan de laatste pagina's bezig ben! hahaha
Maar toch, het begint lekker op te schieten en ik kijk er naar uit om haar af te maken.

17 opmerkingen:

Heli zei

Every stitch is progress! And there really isn't all that much to do before it's finished - the end is in sight and it's going to be really beautiful!

Anoniem zei

verry nics

Mvg saramshobby87

Gizzimomo zei

She looks fab, so very nearly done!

Joysze zei

I'm with Heli. Every stitch is progress.... it's one less to the finish. :D I can't wait to HD with you on her. :D

Agi zei

its gona be beautiful, so go on!

Bridgette Friedman zei

I agree every little X is progress! Good work. I can tell she has more neck than she did ;)
She is stunning and will be finished before long.

Faerie zei

This is looking so good!

TammyK zei

I just love this piece. Awesome colors. Definitely on the home stretch now :-)

Kate zei

What a gorgeous finish she'll be!! keep going ! :)

The Maiden zei

With a HAED you could stitch for days on end and not see much difference! I glad you worked on it, I always tell myself stitch by stitch!

Kelly Smith zei

Looking so good!

Ewa zei

She looks great, Lonneke! You're almost there!

Mangogirl zei

Good progress

Anoniem zei

mooi borduurwerk, prachtige kleuren

Michelle zei

She is looking gorgeous - every bit of progress helps and I'm sure you'll finish her soon! Looking forward to another update :)

candydeavila zei

Creativity is looking great, Lonneke! I haven't seen her in a while and she has grown a lot since the last time. Congratulations!!!!

Meari zei

My goodness. She is so beautiful!!