zondag 3 juli 2011


Yes, I am still alive. I have only one more exam to go before summer.
I hope I didn't leave you for too long.
But I have been stitching!

I finally finished the forehead on Magnificent Wings! Yay! Ohh, very happy with that. Now, it's back to black on black. But believe or not, I actually like it. Finally some progress on her and my joy to stitch her is back as well. So, here it is. To refresh your memory, this is before:

And this is now:
25 count black evenweave

And I took your advice and started TT A Pale Comparison! And it was good advice, she's a joy to stitch. So nice to be able to switch between 1over 1(stunning but sloooow) and aida (also nice, and fast!).
I even hope to finish her this summer. 
20 cnt white aida

I also started the 2011 HAED SK SAL Rapunzel.
It didn't take long for me to regret that though.
The confetti leaves me cross-eyed within in 10 minutes.(literally)
Stitching it on brown fabric probably doesn't help, but hey, thought it would look nice.
But I feel challenged!
So I started with some sort of parking, but that didn't last very long. My cross country heart took over quite fast. 
I even made an attempt to grid!
For the first time ever!
(Because of the cross-eyed thing) progress is very slow (and the quality of pics gets worse and worse), but here it is:
25 count brown evenweave
A bit of a jumble, right?!  :)

I wish you all happy stitching!

10 opmerkingen:

demeter83 zei

They all look brilliant, and it looks like you're flying through Pale Comparison.
I can't deal with parking either, or 10x10 squares, I just give up and go cross country

Joysze zei

Yay for 1 more exam and then are you free as a bird? :D

WIPs look awesome, Lonneke. I hear ya about cross country... wouldn't do it any other way. ;)

Anoniem zei

Fingers crossed that you will master your last exam! I still have 3 to do!

You work is amazing. You made a lot of work on Pale Companion, I'm sure you will finish her in no time!

Amarins zei

Wat schitterend mooi allemaal!

anojaa zei

You've made wonderful progress and in exam time also!
Magnificent wings is stunning! And Pale comparison looks wonderful too!
Your fabric for Rapunzel is awesome, it's coming along nicely.

Nina zei

Magnificent wings looks gorgeus! I really love her eyes. And try to bear with confetti (although it really looks like crazy one). There should be much more bigger blocks after you'll get to Rapunzel.

Elisabeth zei

Allemaal erg mooi :)
(komt er geen nederlandse teksten meer???)

Lonneke zei

Thanks a lot everyone!

@Elisabeth: jawel hoor! Had deze keer alleen geen tijd. Volgende keer ook weer Nederlands.

@Joyce: at least free as a bird for the next IHSW! (grin!)

Bev zei

i have done even less on rapunzel too thinking i should have gone for ice wind now

reveries of a crafter zei

Hello Lonneke!

Your WIPs look wonderful and I am amazed that you have the courage to stitch on black evenweave. I am thinking of maybe trying that too one day ;)

I haven't sent you any mails on my updates for the SAL on HAED's website, since I am posting my progress on the BB.

Take care,
Linda from Sweden, your buddy.