maandag 2 mei 2011

Help needed

I made some stitching decisions. I decided to put Magnificent Wings and  Venus Dryad away for now. They are all 1 over 1 projects and progress is so slow on them and they are more difficult to stitch because I have to use frames with them. I will finish them one day but not now. 
With only one project on the go, I say: 
new start!!
This has got me so excited the last few days! I can choose a new project!
Have you seen Joyce's stitching? She is stitching Chatelaine's Mandala's. And she is doing such a great job on them! Her stitching is gorgeous. 

She got me wanting to stitch one. 

So I have been eying them for some time now.
And this week I decided to go for the Herbularius design.

I think it is extra fun to stitch this one as there are medicinal herbs on it and I have to learn all about them for school.
I can't wait to see how it will turn out. 
But waiting is what I have to do as it is not done yet. It will start in august. 

Hmmm. Another new start then?
This is when my troubles began:
I can't choose!! 
OMG! How terrible is that!
I have too many gorgeous charts and I just can't choose which one to stitch!
I can kick myself in the butt for not being able to decide!

So please help me decide!
Ok. This is what I want: I want to stitch it on 20 count aida, and well, that's about it.
These are the contenders (I'll try not to make the list too long) :

Little Wings by HAED, a big one, 350x480

TT A Pale Comparison by HAED, a small one, 85x187

Faces of Faery 67 by HAED, 175x173

Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler, 232x180

Nebula by Character Creations, 196x220

Hidden Treasures by HAED, 350x447 (or will she look better stitched 1 over 1?)

So what do you guys think?

And an update on Creativity. She is doing well:

(Nederlandse tekst volgt nog)

6 opmerkingen:

Joysze zei

Thanks for the compliment, Lonneke. Ooooh, I simply cannot wait till you start Herbularius. It's going to be sooooo beautiful!!! :D :D

Hmm... new start eh? I'd say with Herbularius around the corner and starting in August, how about either TT (a smaller one) or Celestial? I have the latter in a kit too.... one of these days, I'll get to it, hehehe.

Creativity is looking awesome. I really love her eye. It has so much sparkle and life.

anojaa zei

Herbularius looks splendid! it's going to become another way of studying, I understand :) I too love Joyzse and other chatelaine stitchers but I know that it will be too hard for me with all the special stitches. I'm far too lazy. So I admire you for beginning this.
As for my vote, I would say: A pale comparison. Because it's a TT, and as you're beginning Herbularius on August, it will let you some time to make progress on it. On the other side, I love Hidden treasures too, the other ones look great too. Oh my!
Creativity looks awesome, I love her smile.

Carla zei

My choice would be Face of faery. I like the design and it's small so you might finish it before you strt Herbularius

Michelle zei

Hi Lonneke! Ooh, I love a new start :) The Herbularius project is going to be gorgeous. As for the others - I really like Little Wings. My other choice would be Pale Comparison - the Dragon is so cute.

Good luck deciding!

keijukammari zei

Wow! These are all very beautiful. I haven't never done HAED design before. After seeing them in people's blogs makes me want to start one.

Good luck with ýour stitching. Greetings from Finland

Virpi zei

Your stitching looks amazing and your new project looks very demanding. Good luck with it!