maandag 7 maart 2011


It is so nice to be able to stitch again. 
I am stitching this one on 25 cnt, 1 over 1. This looks absolutely beautiful, but is sooo slow going! So I am asking myself if it is really worth the extra time and effort it takes. Progress is slow and that is not very motivating. It also is harder to do, because I have to use a frame and it is more tiring for my eyes. 
But it looks so beautiful...

What is more important to you: the end result or speed?

Wat heerlijk om weer te kunnen borduren.
Ik borduur deze op 10 draads katoen, 1 over 1. Dat ziet er prachtig uit, maar het gaat zooo langzaam! Ik vraag mezelf af of het de extra tijd en moeite waard is. Het schiet maar langzaam op en dat is niet erg motiverend. Het kost ook meer energie, want ik moet dit met een frame doen en het is vermoeiender voor mijn ogen.
Maar het ziet er wel heel mooi uit....

Wat vinden jullie belangrijker: het eindresultaat of snelheid?

4 opmerkingen:

Nina zei

I would say both. They both are the reason why I stitch HAEDs with tent stitches. I love the details but couldn't imagine stitching a full size HAED with full x's but that's just me. I'm too impatient for that :)

Joysze zei

First off... it looks beautiful, Lonneke. Don't stop working on her. You're going to be soooo proud when she's done. When I stitched Metamorphosis, I find myself going back and looking at WIPs just to encourage myself. You're right that these are such big projects that it's hard to see the finish line, but you can do it!!! :D With Meta, I would stop for months on end to work on something else before coming back to her and that helped too.

For me, the end result is what's important. As such, I'm very picky with what I pick to start, as I have a mental picture of what it will look like finished and I know where I would like to display it. So every stitch I do go towards that goal. Of course, speedy stitching doesn't hurt. ;)

Crystal zei

WOW she looks beautiful so far, keep other the fantastic work.

Mel zei

It's lovely!

For me it's all about just spending the time stitching. Progress is always nice, but usually I try not to obsess about time too much. Just make sure I'm productive.