dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Little tricks

Sometimes when I find it hard to keep motivated to stitch on the project I am working on, I try to come up with little tricks. I often have more projects on the go and when I lose interest in one I switch to another one. But atm I really what to keep working on Creativity. So I decided to switch my 'technique'. In stead of going cross-country, I will now work block by block. That way I will have a mini finish every time I finish a block! This way I can see my progress more clearly and I feel satisfied with my mini finishes(I hope). This is rather new to me, I learned about stitching block by block when I joined the HAED bulletin board. (There is a great wealth of information there.) 

So this made me wonder: what are your tricks to keep motivated?

Als ik een beetje uitgekeken raak op het borduren van een project, dan probeer ik altijd dingen te verzinnen om het spannend te houden. Meestal heb ik meerdere projecten waar ik aan werk en als de ene zat ben ga ik verder aan de andere. Maar nu wil ik echt aan Creativity blijven werken. Dus dacht ik: als ik nou eens van techniek verander. Dus in plaats van per kleur te borduren, ga ik nu per blokje borduren. Zodat ik sneller vooruitgang zie en steeds als het ware een mini finish heb! Het borduren per blokje heb ik geleerd op het HAED bulletin board. (Je kan daar zoveel info vinden)

En ik vroeg me af: wat doen jullie om gemotiveerd te blijven?

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Nina zei

That's a really great plan, and it usually helps in confetti heavy areas. But I do cross country a bit. Sometimes it feels so stupid to thread a needle again and again after a stitch or two (I use only one needle and don't park). But usually I stick with the plan, especially if I have some kind of daily/weekly goal to achieve (and I usually do, because I can estimate how much stitching time I will have and how long I'll get). But good luck to you, just hang in there, take a lot of pictures so you can see the difference if it's hard to tell otherwise.

Virpi zei

I just don't think that I really need to finish something. I just enjoy each time I manage to sit down with the hobby that I love.

Joysze zei

Great progress, Lonneke! Hmmm, thinking of how the piece will look when it's finished and hanging up on the wall is what motivates me. As a result, I'm a horribly slow starter. ;)

I have to cross country. Stitching in sections and having to change floss colors all the time annoy me and then I find myself not wanting to stitch.

Nina zei

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